Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find frequently asked questions.
If there is anything missing contact us with your questions and we will be glad to help!

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Are refunds possible ?

All sales are final, that's what the others would say. If a mistake was made by my side (e.g. engine bug), I'll offer you free tokens.


How many time it take for scan ?

For the moment if you choose all anti-virus available (12) it will take 2-3 minutes.


Are antivirus are updated ?

Yes, All anti-virus are updated every day at 00:00 AM


Does .NET Framework, C++ Redistributable is installed ?

Yes, all dependencies are installed on machine. If you find something missing please contact me.


Do we distribute the files ?

No, all uploaded files are encrypted using AES-256 encryption standard and decrypted directly on VM.


I got detection but Anti-virus say nothings it's normal ?

No, This problem can be caused by your file, if not contact me.


Do you also accept feature suggestions ?

At the moment, no I don't. But this might change with the time.


Can we expect updates ?

Yes. This is currently my active project, so constant updates can be expected.


What kind of files I can scan ?

Actually my website support only .exe, all other type of file such as .doc, .bat, .pdf... will be added later.

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